Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Gradually growing stronger at home

Over the weekend the house was full.  It was Josie’s birthday and Jonathan cooked a lovely meal for us all.  Although on the Sunday Anna had to work on her paper, she spent a lot of time with me on the Saturday and I was glad she could spend some time with Dave after a highly emotional and hard-working fortnight. 

I have to say I was happy to be at home but exhausted.  Ray was running a course so I needed a lot of help from everyone else in getting up and down stairs.  I have always helped the courses to run smoothly and see to the props and dresses.  Normally these would have been washed and put away on Sunday ready for the next one, but we are only gradually going through the tidying up process now.  Ray was very tired because of running the course so soon after getting me home.

Yesterday I went back to the hospital for the first time since leaving so suddenly.  I had my blood tested and then went to use the pentamidine which helps keep up my immunity.  Even before I came out, one of the nurses who was kind to me on the ward had the results of my blood counts.  She had spoken to Dr M who said they were all fine.  Although I know they can go up and down with great rapidity, this was a real vindication of our actions and there was no need for me to stay for a blood transfusion or platelets as we thought we might.

Today we managed to arrange some banking and Ray went to the farm shop as I have been craving fresh fruit and vegetables.  We have had a lot of lovely messages and telephone calls from friends and family.  I feel a bit mean in not being able to talk to everyone but those really close to us know that visits will have to be short until I regain my strength.

Over the weekend Jonathan and Josie went to see my mother.  She was on very good form and was so pleased to see her.  She had been low in the morning which is not like her but was relieved to have a letter from me outlining what had been happening.  I think the family were wise not to try to see her whilst I was in hospital as it would have only made her feel even more unhappy, as she would not have been able to do anything.

The oncologist rang today to reassure me that I could ring him at any time if circumstances changed, but he confirmed I was making progress and that he and the team were thrilled that the lymphoma had reacted so positively to the particular form of chemotherapy I had been prescribed.  I know it will return but it does mean there is still a useful drug in the arsenal.  I am very tired but hope to make one or two phone calls before the evening is out.

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  1. So good to read that you are making progress in the right directions Alison. Best wishes from Andrea