Monday, 7 February 2011

The troublesome neck

We had a quiet but enjoyable weekend with Jonathan visiting us.  We spent some time watching DVDs of 24 which were relaxing.  Jonathan remembered how I liked watching DVDs with Anna when I was ill before – something we could share which is not too brain taxing for me.

I still have some nasty sores left from the chicken pox/shingles and the nurse came today and dressed the area I was most concerned about.  Although I am over the illness a few places have been giving me trouble as, once I was out of intensive care, the nurses did not look at them.  Fortunately, now I seem to be under the local nursing care which may be important in the weeks to come.

I have passed a message to Dr M’s secretary that my neck is swelling again.  It raises all sorts of questions about whether further chemotherapy will be necessary, beneficial or possible, bearing in mind not only my blood counts prior to treatment, but the overwhelming effect chemo had previously on my blood counts after treatment.  This is rather worrying for both of us but we are seeing Dr M on Wednesday and he will have my up-to-date blood counts at the time of our meeting.

Whilst mostly the dates marked on my calendar for this week are connected with medical appointments, I am hoping to see my aunt and cousin from East Sussex tomorrow.  They plan to visit my mother as well which will give her much pleasure.  We are also going ahead with buying her a special hearing device to help her take part in conversations.

We are both thinking about Anna today as she starts to teach a new module at Exeter.  We are glad she has maintained her links with the university and we understand the course is over-subscribed and should be popular with the students.

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