Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A very mixed week

This could turn out to be a very mixed week.  I felt some symptoms in the night of a possible urinary infection and we phoned the out of hours service.  Although they have not yet received my notes from the GP, it is obvious she had been in contact so that the response to me was prioritised.  Our initial call was at about 3.45 a.m. and the doctor arrived at 6.15 a.m. which wasn’t bad. 

The doctor confirmed I had a urinary infection.  He prescribed a broad spectrum antibiotic which I have started taking but said that analysis was needed so that a more specific antibiotic could be used.  Sometimes I am rather tentative about the quality of doctors for the out of hours service, but I felt he really knew what he was doing which did help.

We are actually seeing Dr M this afternoon but I didn’t dare wait the twelve hours before seeing him before taking action.  In my situation, what might seem to be a minor ailment to others, can swiftly take over because I have no immunity and this could lead to severe kidney problems or sepsis.

Just before 9.00 a.m. my BUPA nurse arrived to take my blood for testing so that Dr M can see the results on the screen this afternoon.  He is a reassuring presence and told me that as I haven’t any fever or other symptoms, the infection may clear up before Friday and Dr M may decide to proceed with treatment.  Of course, Dr M has the full picture and he may decide otherwise.

Somewhere in all this my regular appointments to have pentamidine have been overlooked.  I did contact the GP but nothing has yet been arranged and it is prescribed really to prevent today’s situation, i.e. to ward off infection.  I didn’t feel it very sensible to get on to my GP today in case Dr M can shortcut an appointment for me.

I must now take what means I can to speed up recovery.  Obviously drinking plenty is the usual means of flushing out the germs and Ray has just gone out to buy me some cranberry juice.  I hate the taste of it and it is very acidic which doesn’t agree with me but I think I can’t be too choosy.

I wrote at the beginning that this could be a mixed week.  We have a possible chemo on Friday afternoon but also visits from both Jonathan and Anna to look forward to.  I just hope the cloud of the effects of infection can be dispersed quickly and we can enjoy some family time together to the full.

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