Tuesday, 22 February 2011


It was very difficult watching the Dispatches programme last night about hospital food.  There is an even more harrowing one next week about end of life care which I shall not watch.  Although recent investigations highlighted in particular the plight of the elderly, the issue of hospital food goes across the board but it brought back really awful memories for me.

Many hospitals were built without kitchens or just the facilities to cook for staff and visitors.  So many people are malnourished and dehydrated and I was affected by both problems.  Yesterday when my GP came, she could understand how weak I am because of the time it takes to recover from the sepsis etc. but she did comment on the fact that I look well.  The reporter on yesterday’s programme commented on how energised he felt after one good meal which I think came from the private patients’ menu.  It is true.  Since leaving hospital I have had proper, well-cooked food and it is impossible to explain not just the enjoyment, but the feeling that even if you can’t eat much, there is so much goodness in the meals one is eating.

Today we had lunch out as we visited Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth.  Our visits to places are not long as I tire easily so it is quite good to sit down and have lunch especially if we don’t actually go out very early.  Today we had tapas which gave us a good variety.  The day itself remained fairly gloomy with a fine Scotch mist or light rain but it was interesting looking around as it is mainly under cover.

When we reached home I was really very tired so lay on the sofa and had a read while Raymond made me a hot drink.  Unusually for me, I then had had a short sleep, which I have done a few times now, never having had the knack before in my life.  Dr Mead telephoned to catch up with how I am and confirmed that I shall see him tomorrow when, after the blood tests, he will determine which chemo I shall have on Friday.

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