Thursday, 10 February 2011

A serious talk

Yesterday was spent largely at the hospital having blood taken and seeing the oncologist for a serious talk.  All I can say is that we are walking on a knife-edge with the treatment.  The lymphoma is so fast growing chemo must be given but my body is desperately trying to recover so that my blood counts can be sufficient to ward off infection.

The hospital was very noisy and I don’t really like being surrounded by so many people with my zero immunity.  We managed to find an oasis of peace in the Macmillan centre where we could sit in comfort and quiet.

This morning I have been doing some cooking for the weekend.  I don’t really want to spend too long in the kitchen if Jonathan is coming down for the weekend as time spent with him is precious.  We have a couple of calls to make on Saturday as we are aiming to make our bedroom and en suite bathroom as convenient as possible if I am ill at home.  I should also like to see my mother.  I am not sure just how aware she is of my situation but obviously I couldn’t see her when I was in hospital nor last weekend as she was very tired.

One of the local nurses came quite early this morning to change my dressing which was good.  She thinks there is some improvement and certainly it is less painful.  I had asked the nurses to look at all the larger chicken pox scabs when I was in hospital but to no avail.  My GP also telephoned and plans to come and see me on Monday to catch up with my situation.  This leaves next Wednesday for another hospital and chemo again on Friday.

The danger in all this is that there will be no time for ourselves so I am hoping Thursday can remain completely free.  The problem is that I never know how well I will be but we’d like to go out for a drive. 

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