Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Higher blood counts

I had intended to rest for the whole of yesterday afternoon and I’m not sure where some of the time disappeared to.  I did have some time to read which was restful but I knew that we had a tiler coming round to view the bathrooms.  He had picked up his wife from work so while he and Ray were discussing bathrooms I made conversation with his wife whom I had never met before.  She was a nice woman but I am not really up to making polite conversation at the moment.  Consequently, I was very tired and had to go to bed early.  In fact, my concentration was so poor I couldn’t read for long.

Today we went to the hospital early so that my blood could be taken and the results could appear on screen in time for my consultation.  I wore my new wig and it has received quite a few compliments, or at least people say I look better they don’t actually comment on the wig.  I was overwhelmingly tired as we haven’t been sleeping so we went to the Macmillan Centre which is comfortable and quiet.

When we saw Dr M. he had my blood counts on the screen and they had all improved.  He has decided rather than go for the stronger chemo this week which might send them down again, he will go for the weaker chemo again.  He feels it has already had a very slight beneficial effect on the mass in my neck and it could allow the improvements in my blood count to consolidate so I will be stronger by the time we do go for the other chemotherapy.  Being closely monitored allows these more subtle decisions to be made and I am grateful for it.  At the moment I feel it is as much an art as a science deciding upon the drug regime to control the lymphoma and balance this with my blood count and overall wellbeing.

As we hadn’t bothered about lunch at the hospital, when we arrived home we were tired and hungry.  We ended up having a meal at about 3.45 p.m. which was a little odd for lunch.  I don’t think I could have eaten before as I was too tired to brave the hospital canteen and I am always on edge before seeing Dr M and finding out the latest results.

Hopefully we can relax for the rest of the day.

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