Thursday, 3 February 2011

Dealing with the solicitors

Tuesday and in the night the fog horns sounded quietly out to sea.  I woke up a couple of times but there is no anxiety now, just a quick check in case there are any new spots as I have no immunity against the virus which seems so innocuous.

Yesterday was difficult for Raymond as once again the solicitor was asking for revisions.  His office were also worried lest he might be a carrier of chicken pox!  The latter illness is something very many transplant patients do have again because we have a new DNA and immune system (in my case a lack of one) but Raymond is not a walking time-bomb!  When I think of how I have risked my life going to their office with zero immunity to sign papers I was not amused at their attitude to Raymond.

Raymond has been convinced that not only the solicitor is reading the statements, but also the barrister and Ray keeps being asked to make unnecessary changes or put in items which are already there.  He was so incensed he got up in the night although he had a meeting with the solicitor today.  I couldn’t sleep either as I was annoyed that they were so amateurish.  I got up and fired off an email from me about their editing skills!

If more than one person is editing a document the title and date of all subsequent drafts should be agreed.
If it is uncertain whether one of the parties holds a fully computerised record of all previous changes, a copy of the document under consideration should be available for consultation.
The name of the person suggesting the changes, together with the date should be clearly visible.
If further changes are suggested by an additional editor[AD1] , these should be dated and shown in a different colour.
If a further editor makes suggestions, it would save time to check whether he or she is flagging up points as they read or whether these points already exist within the existing document.  These checks will ensure unnecessary changes are made as well as avoiding interruptions to the flow of the document and unnecessary number changes.

I am pleased to say the meeting went well!  All these firms earn their money by postponing settlement/trial dates but I don’t think they will be making Ray do much more of their work!  I have got it all out of my system and hopefully can concentrate on making progress.

 [AD1]To the document under consideration

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