Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A good day seeing family

Yesterday was a good day and I think we really needed it.  My aunt and cousin came to see us from East Sussex.  First of all they went to see my mother and she didn’t know they were coming so it was a lovely surprise for her.  She was on very good form and they laughed and reminisced for at least one and a half hours.  As they know how deaf she is they had come armed with an A4 pad and pen which they left with her so she can go back over the conversation.

After seeing my mother they came to see us.  My cousin is a very good cook and runs her own catering business.  She took the trouble to bring us some meals to put in the freezer.  Although both Raymond and I cook, sometimes after we come back from hospital visits we don’t feel like cooking, and these will be most welcome.  Jonathan and Josie have also cooked for us and it is such a practical and welcome gesture.

We were also given a beautiful chocolate cake made with ground almonds which we were told we could freeze.  However, it is such a treat I am not sure whether it will see the inside of the freezer.  It is lovely to have tempting food which I know will help to build me up especially after the experience in hospital.

We always manage to pick up where we left off and there are so many areas of interest to talk about that the afternoon went by all too quickly.  I do hope we can see them again soon but it is not an easy journey through Sussex.  I am so pleased that Raymond gets on so well with them too and they are obviously fond of him.

In the morning Raymond had managed to complete some paperwork which was hanging over us and I wrote some letters.  However, it was a day really when I did very little as we were looking forward to the visit.  Some days I try to do too much and by the afternoon I am really tired.  Yesterday, having saved my energy I could really enjoy the afternoon.

Last night I slept for a few hours as I was tired then awoke.  I couldn’t return to sleep initially and I listened to the nightingales.  Fortunately, having had a good day my wakefulness was not troubled by negative thoughts.  My sleep was rather chequered for the rest of the night but although today will be quite busy, I hope it will not prove to be too difficult.

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