Sunday, 13 February 2011

A mainly relaxing weekend

On Friday afternoon I had chemo.  I alternate between a longer, higher strength chemo and a slightly weaker one.  We didn’t get started until quite late in the afternoon and it took three goes to get the cannula in as my veins are in a bad state particularly after the way they were used when I was in intensive care.  I still have some spectacular bruises.

Fortunately, Mark was the nurse who administered the drugs and he is very good.  His presence gives me confidence.  In fact, it didn’t take very long and I have felt tired but not unwell.  That same evening Jonathan arrived so I had something to look forward to.

Fortunately, I had done some cooking the day before so that when he arrived I could put a meal in the oven for him.  He is so good natured about coming down by train although at the end of a busy working week, he must be tired.  We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend.  I say relaxing, but on Saturday morning we had some visits to make and the relaxation came on Saturday afternoon, evening and this morning.

We went to choose some tiles for two of the bathrooms.  Now Ray has to get hold of a tiler who, hopefully, can tile the floors reasonably promptly.  Both bathrooms are quite small but there are some awkward cuts to be made in the tiles as the suite is already in situ.  Next we went to Makro.  Although I knew exactly what I wanted to buy, there is always temptation in the food department and I never seem to escape without paying quite a bit.  However, as I wanted bed linen and towels I thought I had found some good quality ones for which I did not pay the earth.

Afterwards I went to collect my new wig.  As I am no longer teaching I didn’t feel compelled to have it in exactly the same style as usual.  It is short but a little more spiky and fairer than my hair grew back this time.  My hair has been falling out this week which is not very comfortable so it was very timely.  Ray likes it and my mother says it suits me and doesn’t look too wig-like.

Today I really tackled the linen cupboard with the idea that if I am ill at home, it is easy to find everything and hopefully also easy to keep things up together.  Once more the charity shop is benefiting from my constant clearouts.  Raymond is always asking me if I have some spare rags as if I just open a wardrobe door and lo and behold there they are.  However, this gave me a chance to get rid of some old linen so he now has a really large bags for use on his jobs.

We’d had such a good time with Jonathan that I was really sad to see him go but so thrilled we had had time to spend together.  After taking him to the station we went over to pick up my mother whom I hadn’t seen for a little while.  We had a good talk, at least she talked and I wrote.  I am still not quite sure how much she knows about my condition and I am wary of telling her too much.  I think she can work out the limitations of the chemo herself but I don’t want to be depressing.  Altogether we have had a good weekend.

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