Sunday, 20 February 2011

Relaxing over the weekend

Chemotherapy went smoothly on Friday; I soaked my hand and wrist in warm water and the cannula went in first time.  As it was the milder treatment it was all over fairly quickly.  As I had rested beforehand after a few jobs early on Friday morning, I was able to be still alert by the time Jonathan arrived from London.

On Saturday morning after the men had their bacon sandwiches for breakfast, we went out as Jonathan had something to buy in Tescos, but it didn’t take long.  We then went to Bishop’s Waltham, a village not far away.  It is easy to stroll around and we found a very spacious charity shop.  They really benefit from having more affluent donors and sharp-eyed Jonathan found six shot glasses which he also thought he could use for tiny appetisers.

We went to a rather quirky place for a light lunch but I couldn’t eat much, just a poached egg on a crumpet.  I was really ready to come home afterwards and we watched a DVD and I dozed on the sofa.  I needed to rest as we had planned to go out to dinner at a local restaurant which is one of our favourites.  It was nice to be able to dress up a little and feel suitably rested.

As usually the staff were friendly and we all were pleased with our choices.  I have never had a bad meal there as it is always of a consistent standard.  At the moment I have to be very careful about eating out as I would have no immunity or resistence against unhygienic food preparation.  We spent about two hours just enjoying the meal and chatting.  When we returned home once again we watched a DVD.  Not a very dynamic weekend you might think but perfect for me as I could rest while not being completely house-bound.  It is lovely to be able to spend time with Jonathan and Raymond just relaxing and chatting.  Naturally, they spent some time considering their various rods and equipment for fly fishing but I am so happy that they have such a close relationship.

Jonathan returned to London this morning to spend some time with Josie.  She was working on Friday and some of yesterday but I hope they really enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Raymond is going to collect my mother presently and I look forward to seeing her but as she is so deaf it takes a lot out of me.

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