Saturday, 26 February 2011

Days like today

I had a rather patchy night’s sleep as I had a lot of cramp in my legs which I think is another side-effect of the chemotherapy.  I slept in a little later than I had planned and had a hot drink plus crumpets and honey for breakfast.  As I surfaced I realised that we were in for a good day.  Not only was Jonathan here and obviously so happy about quite a challenging shoot he had been doing on Friday, but we were going down to Worthing to visit my aunt and cousin.

Today has seen a mixture of sunshine and showers.  The temperature is noticeably milder and not only do we have the hazel catkins but the rather more elegant birches are drooping with catkins too.  These portents of spring really do lift my mood and we enjoyed our drive down to Sussex to see my aunt and cousin.

Jonathan hadn’t seen his Godmothers for some years and it was lovely seeing them catch up.  He is very engaging and really interested them when he talked about his work and the camping he does in quite extreme weather (at least camping in January seems extreme to me!).

We all enjoyed the afternoon and the hours went so quickly.  I think we left at about 5.30 p.m. but the long slow dusk lasted until we reached the outskirts of Fareham.  Luckily I had not done anything demanding in the morning so I didn’t get too tired in the afternoon as we always have interesting and amusing conversations with the family.

In the evening Ray and Jonathan watched a DVD while I read.  And now it is the end of a relaxing day.  I think I surprised my aunt and cousin when I said I was happy.  I would, of course, rather not have a terminal illness.  I would prefer to live longer and not live on a knife-edge but so many people and so many things make me feel a real contentment.  Days like today are to be treasured.

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