Monday, 21 February 2011

Once again - report analysis

Our well-planned Monday has been thrown a little into disarray as the community nurse cannot come to change my dressing.  She normally comes at 9.00 a.m. which frees up the day and today Dr H, my GP, will come between 11.30 and 12.00, after which we had planned to have lunch and go out to do some errands.

As the community nurse has a cold, I can understand why she cannot come since my immunity is low but the substitute could not say whether she would be able to arrive in the morning or afternoon; it might even coincide with the GP’s visit, so we have had to suggest that the dressing is not changed again until Friday.

Today I need to look at report regarding Ray’s case.  It is from the other side’s orthopaedic surgeon whom we saw in the Isle of Wight.  Ray is required to read it carefully and make comments.  Whilst I am happy also to read it through and make comments, I dread all the repercussions, the exchanges of long emails and point by point analysis.  I have really gone past the stage when I feel I can do this.  I do understand how unjust Ray feels about obvious mistakes in the report but the points begin to dominate our conversation as the case once more takes over.

Since the nurse didn’t come, this meant I could look at the report before 9.00 a.m. when I was still fresh.  Raymond had pencilled in notes on errors and I pulled some of these together and put down my reactions just on a sheet of A4 paper which he is now discussing with the solicitor or his assistant on the phone.  The report cannot be signed as it is but I am hoping Ray will see the solicitor face to face to suggest the alterations needed.  This has relieved me as it can all become overwhelming.

I had some ready-made puff pastry which I had been going to use over the weekend until we decided to have a lunch out on Saturday.  I made a quiche with onions and chorizo and as we seem to have lots of small potatoes, I also did a potato salad.  I still like to cook but I can’t leave it to the end of the day when I am tired.  Ray is quite willing but knows I still like to prepare meals and now we are eating our main meal at lunch time on the whole as it is rare for me to be able to be out for a full day.

Ray has had to put so much time and effort into this case; I find it difficult to believe that all clients end up doing so much of the work and analysis themselves.  I hope the solicitor will now take a greater share.

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