Saturday, 5 February 2011

More chemo needed?

I think I may need some more chemo as there is possibly some activity in my neck again.  It is hardly surprising as I was supposed to have 8 weekly chemos provided the blood counts were OK and I have only had one.  That single chemo had a really beneficial effect on the lymph nodes although a devastating effect on my blood counts.  A really very careful calculation has to be made as to what my body can bear.

I had a good sleep last night although I am lacking in energy today.  Jonathan arrived yesterday evening and it is so good to have him around.  I knew he wanted to go to a fishing shop while he was here so I suggested a trip out in the car.  I was in the back seat covered with a quilt and armed with lots of reading while Ray and Jonathan perused all the fishing gear.  It was nice for me to get out of the house on a trip which was not a medical necessity.

Ray and I cooked a gammon joint yesterday so we are just having a simple meal this evening.  I am trying to eat a little more to push up my weight but it is quite difficult.  I find I need particular things to tempt me and on our way back from Alresford Ray and Jonathan bought me some raspberries and clear honey.  I find I am hankering after fresh fruit and vegetables at the moment.

I hope I am going to have the energy to stay up for longer this evening, as I slept better last night.  Even if I am lying on the sofa at least I am part of what is going on.  If I go to bed too early the nights are rather long.

Somehow we seem to be creating more washing than usual.  Normally I would be bustling around just keeping things in order but now I must calculate each trip upstairs.  In the mornings I can go up and down unaided but I need a little help in the evenings and I can’t carry anything.

It has been a dully rainy day outside but so good to have Jonathan here.  He and Raymond can talk about fishing till the cows come home but I am so thrilled they have such a rapport.

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