Friday, 25 February 2011

Seeing the family

Today has been quite busy with the nurse coming in the early morning to change my dressing.  Then Anna and I watched a DVD before Raymond brought my mother over for coffee.  Anna hadn’t seen her for a few weeks so they were really pleased to see each other.  Conversation tends to rely a lot on writing messages for my mother to read but she was able to catch up with some of Anna’s news.

Just before lunch Dr M phoned about the transfusion.  It has been all change and everything will happen on Tuesday.  After lunch I had chemo and had my blood taken so that Dr M can be quite sure I need the transfusion.  Mark will take it to the General and fill in a form which Dr M forgot to give me.  It has to be done early so there is plenty of time on Monday to irradiate the blood.

I am beginning to experience some side-effects from the Vincristine part of the chemotherapy i.e. cramps and pins and needles in my hands – also lack of feeling in the fingertips.  Dr M has decided that he will probably change the drugs for next time so that the problem does not get worse.

We haven’t done anything eventful over the past days with Anna but Ray was able to assist her as she is teaching a module on forensic photography.  I know it pleased Ray to be able to help and she learns quickly.  Anna and I had lots of chats which is just what we both want at the moment.  She has not really been eating all that well recently because she has been staying late at work, so we remedied that with a good roast lunch.  Yesterday evening we sat down together and watched Charlie Wilson’s War which made us all think.

By mid-afternoon it was time for Anna to go.  We shall miss her as we were all so pleased to see each other.  This evening Jonathan is coming down and will probably arrive at about 8.45 p.m.  I wrote before that these few days would be rather mixed and at first that mixture was mainly bad, but now having both Anna and Jonathan here is a very good time indeed.

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