Friday, 30 April 2010

Walking to fitness

In the past few days I’ve received some lovely emails from friends and relatives, some of whom are a long way away. They not only lift my spirits but because of my relative confinement, bring the larger world to me. I love hearing their news and what is going on in their lives and those of their families.

Yesterday and today are rather colder and miserable but we managed to get out in the afternoon to visit a couple of garden centres. We need to buy some deer-proof plants for the back garden. The trouble is the deer change their habits and can suddenly decide they like to eat something which they’ve never tried before such as tulips.

Today we found a flat piece of land in the Royal Victoria Country Park for me to walk around. It includes the cricket field so absolutely no hills to defeat me. We’re going to try this walk first and gradually build up my strength so that we can go back to walking in West Wood but there the terrain is more challenging. I feel quite abnormally proud of my circuit and that we have really started a new campaign. Once we have built up my fitness it can become more challenging so that it is good for Raymond too, like it was before. However, I still believe that all the walking we did in the months prior to the transplant really helped to build up my overall strength so it is worth doing.

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