Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Yesterday I went to the hospital. I have joined the Monday post transplant clinic run by Dr. Mike Potter, the head honcho for transplants at the Marsden. It was very busy but I saw my usual doctor who seemed pleased with my progress to date. Just as we were leaving I heard my name being called and it was Dr Mike Potter. He seemed delighted with the way things were going. I was amazed that a) he remembered my name, b) he recognized me from the back, c) he knew all about my recent medical tests and d) he was so thrilled and wanted to talk to me.

It now makes it all the poorer that I constantly moan about not sleeping and being very tired. I feel like a fraud. I know that I am doing better than expected bearing in mind it was an unrelated donor where there is more risk and more complications. However, I am impatient and can see no reason why my progress cannot be quicker. I want to look well, I want my hair to grow and I want to have some energy. There, I’ve said it!

Having refurbished the AMG, Ray is now turning his attention to the house and garden. We have ordered our chairs but they will take about five weeks as they are hand dyed. To celebrate we bought a new rug and a couple of new wall lights. We managed to get some really good light bulbs so we can see what we are reading. So many of the energy saving ones are so dim.

Raymond has a course this weekend and so far everything is in hand but one of the participants is flying in so perhaps he won’t make it. We have another snag, no groom for Saturday. If anyone knows of a young man with a suit who will be photographed on Saturday afternoon ……….

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