Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A new interest

I’m seeing my mother today. They have been so many false dawns what with her cold and chest infections at the home. I haven’t seen her for weeks so we are all looking forward to it.

Ray’s course went well over the weekend and we are now preparing for May. We have two people flying in from Slovakia so I hope the volcano will be behaving itself. We have a full course so will have to search for accommodation a little harder than usual.

Yesterday brought a trip to the Marsden Hospital. It all went well and the results of blood tests are still encouraging. This means I can begin to decrease the dosage of some of the very many medicines I take. It also means that soon I may not have to go to the hospital every week. Up till now it has been a safety net as when you leave the cocoon of hospital after several weeks, it does provide the protection you need. However, soon I must begin to stand on my own two feet a little more if my recovery is to progress.

In the meantime, I must find something to do. I have finished my family recipe book which is now at the binders but I still can’t read so there is no way I can resume my PhD studies for some time, even privately with my own reading. This is providing me with something of a dilemma. At the moment gardening is out because of the fungal infection risk and my walking ability is still limited. A new interest is definitely needed.

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