Sunday, 11 April 2010

Well into spring

Good news! My mother is out of hospital. She has a little problem with shortness of breath and needs someone with her as she walks around but I am sure that now she is back home these problems will disappear quite quickly.

I am hoping that as soon as my health becomes a little more reliable, we can have her over here for tea. Unfortunately, I still vary from day to day. I had a good day yesterday which coincided with Jonathan’s visit. He cooked several dishes for us so we have a freezer full of meals which will help Raymond considerably when he is tired or busy.

They have both joined a fishing association open to members or retired members of the Services which gives them access to the chalk rivers of the Itchen and Meon, whose stretches are otherwise prohibited to the general public. They went on a tour of the beats today and were significantly impressed. It is cheaper although there is less chance of catching fish than on a private lake but the locations are wonderful.

Anna telephoned early today to say that she had been called to a crime scene in Hatfield. She didn’t have all her equipment as she was away from home but seems excited. She has to get a certain number of crime scenes under her belt so that she can act in her own right rather than as an assistant to Karl. The Crime Scene Officer was actually on the same course as Anna at Cranfield so that should stand her in good stead.

The weather has been really sunny and quite warm. We really are well into spring now so I hope my health will gradually become more reliable.

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