Friday, 7 May 2010

Lacking energy

Today is a busy day for Raymond. He has to go to France for a couple of days to check on the boat so there is a lot of last minute rushing around to do. Anna is home so I shall not be on my own.

Yesterday we went to the Royal Marsden Hospital. The journey up was good and I was actually seen for having my line flushed and blood tests in good time. This was followed promptly by my appointment with the doctor very soon afterwards. The waiting around is for the pharmacy. Unfortunately, they are under a lot of pressure as they provide the chemotherapy drugs and other essentials for the in-patients as well as dealing with the very many out-patients.

When I saw the doctor I was able to report that I had been feeling well. I still lack energy and I probably need to do my walking on a more regular basis like we used to but that means getting up early. For the first time we started talking about the removal of my central (Hickman) line and this will probably be in mid June. I did raise my other concern which is my hair but it looks as if that doesn’t start growing for three months after the transplant but when it does that will make a huge difference to how I feel.

I think the journey was very tiring for Raymond but eventually we got home. We then hand to round up Anna to go to the polling booth. As we went in the early evening it was really quite busy. Despite our best endeavours we couldn’t stay up until the early hours waiting for the results but the exit poll proved to be extraordinarily accurate.

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