Thursday, 22 April 2010

Getting everything ready

Ray’s course is back on track. We have found a potential groom and another model so the weekend should go ahead well. One course participant is still in Egypt and will have to transfer to May but otherwise everyone else’s travel arrangements seem to be OK.

Today is usually spent in getting everything ready, the studio and checking all the arrangements are in place, so no trip out today unfortunately. I had hoped to go to the bookbinder’s as I have completed Volume II of the Davenport Family Recipes. I have found it something I could do when I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. I made the first book for the family members three years ago and they seemed to like it and urged me to do another one, so I have done this in the last three weeks since coming out of hospital.

So the situation is I can write (a little) but not read. Such is concentration. When I wake in the night it is a blow not being able to read to send myself off to sleep but perhaps it will come eventually. I didn’t think I’d lose all the fluid around my face, waist and ankles but that has melted away, thank goodness.

I keep thinking about my bone marrow donor. I must write another letter as she cannot possibly know how grateful I am to her. It will be two years before we can lift anonymity and I hope that one day I shall meet her and thank her in person. In the meantime, I must concentrate on getting better.

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