Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Afternoon tea

It was really lovely having my mother come over to us yesterday. She’d obviously been looking forward to it but needed a lot of reassurance that I was making progress even though there was a long haul ahead of us. I explained that initially I was doing well but graft versus host disease might emerge after six months, that my immunity should return after twelve months but we wouldn’t really know if it had been effective against the lymphoma for about two years. It’s a long time but there is no alternative.

It was good to reunite her with her jewellery, most of which Anna had taken for safekeeping while she was in hospital. She was delighted with her new cross and a new wrap which I had given her to replace the articles which went missing in hospital. We are hoping that if she goes in again, she will leave her jewellery behind.

We enjoyed having afternoon tea with her and I sat immediately opposite her. Although she is completely deaf she followed my conversation completely and I was scarcely raising my voice. She is used to my voice and can lip read me very well. She was fascinated by Anna’s recent exploits in the crime scene world and wanted to know all about how Anna went about her tasks. It was good to see them together as they get on so well.

This afternoon we have to take Anna together with some skeletons to a local Sixth Form College. Anna is teaching an evening class there today and couldn't take them on the train!

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