Friday, 9 April 2010

A successful day

Our day at the Royal Marsden was very successful. We seem to have found a really good direct route now. Although nominally our appointment was for 3.30 p.m. we explained that we needed to avoid the rush hour so we were actually seen just after 1.00 p.m. for the blood testing. Many of the tests were already done by the time we saw the doctor. The blood counts were up which is good but we also got the results of the bone marrow aspiration from last time.

There is no trace of lymphoma in the bone marrow which is excellent. Of course there could be nano particles of mantle cell somewhere but the second part of the results is that the graft is really settling in. This means it can fight any residual mantle cell lymphoma. So I am in remission.

I asked how I was doing and I was told “better than most”. We came back from the hospital lighter than air. They are very efficient and I feel much more confident in their hands.

I know there are lots of steps along this route and all sorts of hidden dangers but to get this far so well makes me feel very grateful and I am very ably supported by so many people; it is quite humbling.

I look back at the dark days a year ago. This was the time I was still hunting for a donor and everything seemed even more difficult because I had just discovered that I was donor conceived with no knowledge of my father or his nationality. I am still no further on in my quest unfortunately. The generosity of my bone marrow donor really lifted my spirits and has given me the chance of a new life, but there are still a few questions about my old life I would like answers to.

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