Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Keeping in touch

It’s difficult to put into words how much the support of family and friends has really meant over the past few months. When I was in hospital, knowing Jonathan and Josie were near at hand and seeing them after work was so reassuring how. Similarly, since I have been home, Anna has spent so much time with me as I can’t concentrate to read and visiting her grandma in hospital. She is going to Bath and Exeter for a few days from tomorrow and I shall miss her.

The bulk of the care has fallen on Raymond’s shoulders, getting our house up to near Marsden standards of hygiene, washing, cooking and lifting my spirits. He has also had to take a major role in visiting my mother in hospital which hasn’t been easy.

Emails from friends have kept me in touch with the outside world and have been so welcome. I find writing something of a chore at the moment so the keyboard is a lot easier. My poor hearing was already affected by tinnitus from previous operations but it has been affected once again by the drug overload I am undergoing so log telephone calls are out. I think I shall have to undertake a class in lipreading in the Autumn in case it is a permanent effect.

Hopefully now the holidays are over, we shall get some sensible information from the hospital about my mother as to proposed treatment and discharge dates. I don’t think she is acutely ill but it is so difficult getting information out of the hospital staff. It has all been so vague over the last few days. I’d just like to see her safely out of hospital.

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