Friday, 16 April 2010


I’m still incredibly tired as if my shoes were filled with lead. However, life goes on. I managed to find a replacement cross for my mother. I’m not sure if she knows when or how it disappeared in hospital but it was a present for her ninetieth birthday so I’m sure she is missing it. And it is exactly the same as the original.

The roadworks which have been plaguing us for weeks have now moved further down the road. Not only is it quiet but we don’t have to negotiate a lorry every time we want to get out of our gateway. For two weeks our bins weren’t collected because of the machinery so we had to organize a special collection.

With no planes in the skies, everywhere is that much quieter than usual, although my heart goes out to people who were planning special trips and either can’t go or are having difficulties getting back home.

As I haven’t seen my mother for some weeks, I am trying to organize a visit for Sunday. I have to ensure first of all that she is well enough and secondly that there is no infection at St Elizabeth’s which would be dangerous for me. We plan to have a tea and then ensure she has the safe return of all her jewellery.

This afternoon Raymond is planning a trip – nothing that involves extensive walking for me but a visit to buy some much-needed new chairs. Our old leather Georgian chairs are really showing signs of wear. We plan to get them refurbished for other parts of the house as we are not great at throwing things away. Reminds me of myself, refurbished with a new DNA. I just wish I knew where the old one came from.

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