Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Good experience

Avid readers of the Welwyn Hatfield Times will have been following a murder story with keen interest. They will already know that forensic archaeologists have been searching a garden for a body and that someone has been charged with murder. Perhaps they will have seen a small slight figure wielding a mattock on the first day. On the second when the senior forensic archaeologist left for a conference in America, they will have seen the younger forensic archaeologist in charge with two burly policemen now helping with the digging. They will have seen pictures of the forensic archaeologists in their fetching white suits and wellingtons.

Those of you who have not had the luck to read this august publication will be wondering who the younger forensic archaeologist was. Those of you who picked up the hint the other day will know it was Anna. She hasn’t been on a crime scene for some months so this was good experience. Whilst we cannot begin to understand how she can cope with all this, she takes it in her stride and, of course, it all adds verisimilitude to her teaching.

As I look around me at my books and files, I cannot help wondering about my own teaching. It seems such a slow, tortuous route back to health, should I just get rid of all my text books on the basis that I will never teach again? Of course, I never planned to return to a school, but I might teach privately. It is such a final step to take and I’m not sure I can write it all off yet.

We are constantly amazed at our offspring, what they have achieved and are likely to achieve. It is difficult to look into the future and whatever it holds; it is better to keep an open mind.

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