Sunday, 6 March 2011

The weekend

I slept surprisingly well for a few hours last night but this morning I feel quite sick despite taking some quite powerful anti-sickness tablets.  I am afraid I think it is the lymphoma in my stomach; certainly my neck seems to have become more swollen again.  However I have had two good days and have just said goodbye to Jonathan as he returns to London.

On Friday morning, as I had some energy, I did some cooking for the weekend including making a flan nature, which when we are in France is one of our favourite pastries.  In the afternoon Margaret came to give me communion as I can’t go to church services because of the risk of infection.  We had a good natter afterwards and the afternoon flew by.  She is off to the Caribbean in about ten days time for a well-deserved break.  In the evening Jonathan arrived and it was so good to see him.

I didn’t feel well in the night so our planned trip to Beaulieu didn’t materialise.  We had been going to have lunch out at a restaurant Raymond and I went to a little while ago but instead Jonathan cooked for us.  He made beef tagliata with rocket which looked amazing and tasted wonderful.  We also had pancakes as I don’t think I shall get round to them on Shrove Tuesday.  Jonathan made them and cooked them but Raymond also proved adept at tossing them.  So although it was a quiet day with nothing exciting happening, we really enjoyed each other’s company.

Ray is just taking Jonathan to the station; normally I would have gone with them but I am not feeling too good.  I shall catch up on some emails and then I think we will spend the day quietly reading and watching a DVD.  I don’t dare go out at the moment in case I am taken ill but Ray and I always enjoy being together.  I guess seeing Dr M on Wednesday will confirm what I fear, that the trouble is being caused by the lymphoma rather than the effects of the chemo but we must just wait and see.

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