Thursday, 31 March 2011

Making life difficult

My mother is out of hospital and for the second time she has been sent out without any discharge papers.  This makes it very difficult for St Elizabeth’s.  Fortunately, Barbara who runs the home is not only a former nurse but very much the champion of her elderly residents.  My mother is supposed to have a procedure on Tuesday to remove the gall stones and Barbara will be looking out for the appropriate appointment .

Yesterday we saw Dr M who broke his holiday to see one other patient and myself.  Mark had told him that my breathing was difficult so I had a chest x-ray before seeing him.  I have some fluid on one of my lungs which is the cause of my shortage of breath.  Dr M has managed to persuade BUPA to let him prescribe the otherwise unlicensed drug which is good of them as it is very expensive.

The oncology pharmacy made things very difficult.  They made us wait an hour and  then they decided that Dr M should have supplied them with a form (which I had already signed) about any difficulties with the drug.  We had talked it through thoroughly and although there are no guarantees, it seemed like a good drug to try.  So Ray ran upstairs to get the form but quite naturally Dr M had gone by then.  Meanwhile I was told that they didn’t have the drug in stock whereas Dr M had told us he had already checked.  They told us it would take two days but Ray said we didn’t have two days; we had to act immediately.

Then we were told that Dr M should have filled in a form for the drug manufacturers so Ray went upstairs to get this filled in by another doctor.  The doctor was not pleased with the pharmacy’s intransigence.  By this time I was quite tearful and all the other women in the pharmacy waiting room were comforting me or having a go at the pharmacists.  We all have a form of cancer or relatives with cancer so I am afraid it is natural.

Eventually, very late in the day, the drug was “discovered” on the shelf and we could make our way home.  We were both very tired as we had expended a lot of unnecessary emotion.

However, the good news is that Jonathan has landed in Chile.  He is safe and well and has seen something of Santiago.

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