Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Looking for signs of spring

Today is bright and sunny and Sally is coming to do some more work this afternoon in the back garden.  It really does need to be taken in hand.  Ray has mown the front lawn and swept up leaves so it is looking very much better.  However, in the back garden it takes a lot of work to make even a small impression.

The wild life are steering well clear of the front garden at the moment because of the tile cutting which is quite noisy.  Normally there is a procession of birds after the food that has been put out and later in the day a rather fat squirrel but he is quite choosy about what he eats.  Yesterday we saw a vixen strolling across our lower lawn at the back.  She was looking quite plump so I think there will soon be some fox cubs.  I do hope she brings them to the garden as we have had such fun looking at them.

It has been very busy here this morning with the tillers starting early and then the Tesco van with our grocery delivery.  This was followed by my BUPA nurse who has taken my blood for testing ready for Dr M’s judgement tomorrow.  We had to go into the kitchen to be warm enough for my veins as the tilers are in and out of the front door.  My veins are in a poor state now so it took a while to find a good one.  We had a chat about the palliative care available and he suggested that we need to tell both the GP and the other agencies when Dr M gives his verdict.  We must not wait until I am acutely ill or I will be rushed to hospital which is not what I want.  At least we have a strategy now.

I have found that I can escape the noise and the coming and going by remaining in the study and I have caught up with several emails.  As I have a sofa in here as well, I can sit and read in comfort which is a bonus.  Ray is hoping we can go out this afternoon and I think a drive would not only allow us to escape the workmen, but hopefully in the sunshine we can see some of the signs of spring.

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