Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Today looks like an all-day marathon at the hospital where I am due to have two transfusions, pentamidine, have blood taken for Dr M to make his decision about Friday’s chemo and I shall also see Dr M for a consultation.  Unfortunately, the early start means ploughing through the rush hour traffic which Raymond is not so pleased about.


The tiler came early this morning so we could leave on time.  He grouted the tiles and when we came home we were very pleased with the floor; it is such an improvement.

I am continuing this on our return.  I had two blood transfusions so in a day or two I should have a little more energy.  I saw Dr M and one of the nurses told us that he gives all his private patient fees to either the cancer care at the hospital or a cancer charity; he really is a good man.

The pentamidine arrived on time and that was my next procedure.  My blood was taken and we were shocked to be told that the blood counts had fallen dramatically.  I was given a GCSF injection which should help the white cell count a little and it will last for three weeks.

As the blood counts are so low, I am unable to have chemo on Friday.  I am not sure whether the growth in my throat has grown or slightly lessened.  Dr M thinks it has grown but it has changed shape and is difficult to measure.  It has so far been the case that I carry on with chemo for as long as it is effective i.e. it reduces the growth and does not cause a drop in blood counts.  I think we can see that this week has not brought us good news.

I have arranged to have my blood taken on Tuesday.  Dr M wants me to come into hospital as few times as possible for fear of coming into contact with infections.  My nurse will come to our house to take the blood and the results will be available on Wednesday when I see Dr M.  He thinks that the changes which have occurred are either the result of what he has been doing in terms of chemo, or it is the lymphoma so we have to wait and see.

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