Saturday, 26 March 2011

The sun is a bonus

My mother is back in hospital again with the same problem she had just over a week ago.  She’s not settled on any particular ward yet but fortunately, the tests she has already had mean that we don’t have to worry about it being anything too serious but she has been in some pain so I would like them to carry out the appropriate investigations rather than keeping her hanging around. 

I know she wasn’t in any pain last Thursday which is the reason given to me for why the endoscopy was not carried out but obviously if she had been in pain there was the potential for that to return.  St Elizabeth’s told me that they had thought the procedure was (here I am guessing because I’m getting this third hand so I don’t know the word used) possibly “risky” for someone of 97.  As we were all given different stories about each aspect of her stay in hospital before, I’m not sure who will be given the truth about why the endoscopy was not carried out.  I only know I was rather sceptical as I didn’t think that the reason for her illness had disappeared or been discovered.  So we are back to square one again and must wait until she is transferred to a ward where treatment can be carried out.

I was complaining yesterday that my camera could not pick up the vibrant yellow of the celandines but today I forgot to take it with me and the hotel garden was really beautiful.  It had changed dramatically since I was there last two weeks ago.  The garden is tiered into levels sloping up from the restaurant although mainly the actual stonework of the levels seems to disappear with all the new leaf and blossom, so you just see the plants growing at different heights.

Ray’s course has been going well.  Today when they have been working largely outside, the sun was a real bonus and the temperatures have been warm which is helpful for the models.  It has meant there has been plenty of light for the photographs; sometimes in winter the light has effectively gone by 3.30 p.m.

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