Monday, 28 March 2011

A happy time in the end

I’m not sure whether this tablet chemo is going to work.  My neck is as large as ever on the left side and is now enlarging on the other side as well.  Dr M has been in touch with BUPA to ask about a new drug but they have probably refused on grounds of cost so Ray and I have to ring the up too.  The problem is that at this stage even quite good drugs are not very effective.

It has been lovely having Anna here as we’ve not seen her for little while but I had hoped Jonathan would be here for the whole weekend too.  However, he has been working with people who have all had colds or infections of some kind and he was just beginning to feel the early signs.  So he didn’t come here on Friday and instead dosed himself up with Vick’s First Defence.  I was so sorry he couldn’t come with us to Beaulieu but appreciate his thoughtfulness.


On Sunday Jonathan came down from London and was feeling perfectly well.  It was a shame he hadn’t been able to come earlier and he and Anna really enjoyed meeting up again as it had been some time since they had seen each other.  I had suggested that as he only had a few hours, we would go to a local hotel and have lunch there with coffee afterwards so that there was no time spent cooking and washing up.  As Sunday is often a day when families go out for lunch it had to be one where it wouldn’t be too crowded.  Although it is an expensive hotel, the roast beef we all ordered was dreadful and the meals were very dry.

Normally this would really have annoyed me, but as Jonathan and Anna said, they are used to good food and we were all so happy that it just became a source of amusement.  Afterwards we went to Jessop’s so Jonathan could choose a camera to take to Chile as we all want to see the pictures.

Unfortunately, Raymond was still running the course, so although he could wish Jonathan a safe trip, he couldn’t spend any time with him.  It could so easily have been a sad time, as Jonathan is away for a few weeks, but it wasn’t.  He is off on an exciting trip and it is a wonderful opportunity.  All our love goes with him.

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