Saturday, 12 March 2011

Going out

I was awake rather a lot in the night as I have sinusitis and I had rather a lot of pain in the bones of my face, particularly the jaw  Once again I have to be armed with tissues wherever I go but in other respects I feel quite well. 

On Thursday Jola came and we all had a lovely day together.  She is a friend from student days and we’ve both had real problems from time to time but we’ve been able to be supportive of one another.  Raymond and Jola get on very well together and he jokes about her being my mad Polish friend but we do make each other laugh.  Actually this was something Dr M referred to the other day in that in the midst of terminal illness it is possible to find enjoyment and have a laugh.

Margaret came yesterday afternoon to give me communion and afterwards we had a good long chat.  She always lifts my spirits but yesterday I think I was on good form too.  Again I realised afterwards that we had both been cheerful and able to laugh despite the seriousness of my situation. 

This weekend we are on our own as Jonathan is away in the wilds of somewhere camping.  He is going with a group of friends and they have plenty of activities planned so I am sure they will have a great time.  I think most of them have responsible jobs so a weekend away is a real antidote to work.

Raymond and I are going out as we have a few things to buy after which we shall have lunch somewhere nice.  I am far more confident this weekend about going out compared to how I felt last Saturday and Sunday when I was really quite unwell.  That was a pity because Jonathan was with us and we had a few plans about where we wanted to go.  However, that is the nature of this illness.  As I stayed in all day yesterday I am really looking forward to going out especially as it is sunny.

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