Monday, 21 March 2011

Conserving energy

I was enjoying relaxing in front of the fire yesterday afternoon when someone came to the door.  She wanted to see Raymond and, as I know her slightly, I invited her in at which point she said that she had “a bit of a cold”.  I couldn’t believe anyone would come to our house with a cold as everyone knows or has been told how dangerous it is for me.  Actually it is not only my contact with anyone who has a cold or infection, but Raymond is at risk, as if he succumbs we really do have problems.

I rose early this morning as the nurse was coming and she took me at my word and came at 8.45 a.m. which leaves the rest of the day free.  I am quite tired and beginning to feel a little sick so I am not sure whether the lymphoma is becoming more active in my stomach but it is not serious yet.  I had some paperwork to do and I decided to complete it in the morning before I became too tired as then it takes twice as long.

At first this morning it was cloudy and misty but now there has been a big improvement with a cloudless blue sky and sun, even if it is not that warm.  It is perfect spring weather.  I particularly love the yellow flowers of spring and in the village there are several quite large mimosa trees which always remind me of my first visit to Italy as a young teenager.

We have two friends from the village visiting us this evening so I shall try to rest for the better part of the day.  I shall enjoy seeing them as they are easy to talk to and don’t tire me out.  I am now very particular about who visits as some people really lift my spirits whilst others are draining.  It takes quite a lot of energy to cope with this illness but those closest to me really understand and encourage me to rest.

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