Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Feeling tired

I didn’t have a bad night’s sleep – for me that is.  I average about four and a half hours even with temazepam.  I read until I am really tired and I wake up quite early but the quality of sleep I am having is better than before and I welcome not having awful dreams.

Raymond gets up quite early and always brings me a drink and my breakfast in bed.  I take my time and watch breakfast television which is probably the most I see in a day as I tend to read.  Invariably we have a visit from one of the nurses and I am glad they come early as that leaves the rest of the day free, although this week I think it will entail more than one visit to hospital.

Mark came this morning to take my blood.  He always does the usual observations and said that my heart was racing and my blood pressure low even for me.  This is probably why I have been feeling quite light-headed for the past few days.

I am continuing my blog on Wednesday.  I became very tired yesterday.  We had a visit from two friends we first met at the Marsden.  Bob had a bone marrow transplant at the same time as I did and we compare notes.  It was lovely seeing them but I was exhausted afterwards.

This morning we are going to the General Hospital early as Dr M has arranged blood transfusions for me.  Hopefully I shall have a little more energy afterwards but at the moment I am not feeling well.

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