Friday, 25 March 2011

So far so good

Today is another lovely sunny day although we have been forecast a colder weekend so I hope we can make the most of it.  We had two friends visiting us last evening and although I became tired it was relaxing and enjoyable.  I awoke in the night for about an hour so I made up for it by having a short sleep this morning.

Ray is running the course this weekend and so far it seems to be going well.  I just have to look out some dresses for tomorrow as I hope to be out to lunch before the afternoon session starts.  I just hope the models anticipate possible problems by wearing light coloured underwear and high heels.  Otherwise everything should run itself.

I have been taking some photographs of the garden but although my camera is good for snaps it has totally lost the vibrant colour of the celandines which is a pity.  Jonathan gave me a card reader as the Mac doesn’t have a slot for a memory card and I can’t be bothered to link up the camera to the computer.  It means I can upload my shots much quicker which is great.  I’d just like to log the changes in the garden which occur at this time of year.

Starsky has been enjoying some hours in the garden in the sun and skips around the run so it is obviously a pleasure to him.  By now my mother should be home so hopefully we shall get to see her this weekend.  Anna is already travelling down from Wrexham although the journey will take some hours and Jonathan will come down this evening.  Now I must survey the scene to determine what I can give them to eat.  I have resolved to do very little cooking so as not to tire myself out and the Waitrose delivery will aid me in that respect.  So far so good.

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