Sunday, 20 March 2011

Time to relax

On Friday afternoon we received a message that my mother had been feeling unwell and was going into the General Hospital for investigations.  At first I was rather alarmed but St Elizabeth’s and the ward sister at the General reassured me that she was stable and the initial assessment had not found anything wrong but blood tests had been taken and she would have further assessment the following day.  I was also told that she was on really good form and had everyone in stitches – my mother down to a T.

Anna has usually been a tower of strength when my mother has had to visit or stay in hospital and she suggested items which might be needed so Ray and I did some shopping for her.  As I couldn’t go onto the ward myself, Jonathan and Ray took in a bag of things my mother might require along with a note from me.  Jonathan was very good and recorded some videos of her relaying messages to me.  Both he and Ray said that she was on really good form, nothing untoward had been found and she was likely to be discharged on the following day.  It was such a relief but I was sad I hadn’t been able to see her.

As Ray’s birthday is on Tuesday, we decided to go out for a meal to celebrate although we really missed Anna being with us.  We had a really good evening with excellent food in a happy atmosphere.

Today was much colder and cloudier.  Each week it is a challenge for Jonathan to know what the time of the train is going to be for his return to London and from which station it will leave.  Sometimes it is Parkway, sometimes Fareham and today Eastleigh although the train advertised on the internet was not actually running.  He had to catch a train half an hour later which means he has less time to spend at home with Josie.  Obviously as they work all week, they do like to have some time at the weekends so we were a bit annoyed that the rail service is so unreliable.

After this Ray and I went to the Meon Valley and had a really good lunch at the Buck’s Head.  The dining room was warmed by a fire and we both felt quite mellow.  Then it was off home.  On arrival Ray lit a fire and we settled down to relax for the rest of the day.

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