Thursday, 3 March 2011


I slept very poorly last night.  I was tired by 10.00 p.m. and knew I shouldn’t let myself fall asleep but I did and woke up at 11.40 p.m. with the edge taken off my tiredness.  Fortunately, we haven’t anything difficult to do today and, in fact, we plan to go out.  We plan to visit Bosham, where we shall have lunch, and the Witterings on the coast.  It is a pretty area but not one I know very well.  I do remember that we have to be careful where we park the car or it will float off when the tide comes in.

It is quite difficult to find places to visit which fulfil my restricted criteria.  I can’t go anywhere where I have to stay overnight in case I become ill again and crowded places are impossible.  This is a shame as I would have enjoyed seeing The King’s Speech.  Shopping is out partly because it is crowded and also because there is not much point in my buying anything now.  There are lots of beautiful places nearby to visit but I can’t walk very far.  So we are having to think quite carefully.

Something went wrong with my camera or maybe the memory card and I have not been able to upload the last photographs I took.  Most of these relate to our visit to Worthing to see my aunt and cousin so I am particularly sorry about that.  Jonathan has given me a universal card reader so I shall check any future photographs I take.

I am looking forward to spending a day with Raymond without any medical appointments or important calls to solicitors.  We shall have no distractions and will be able to enjoy each other’s company.  The day is quite fine but cold and if it’s cold for other people it is doubly so for me but it is so much nicer than walking around in the rain.
We’ve had a lovely, lovely day.  The journey to Bosham was pretty once we passed Portsmouth.  There are lots of very individual rather quirky Sussex cottages.  We went to Bosham Quay and walked around and then to the Millstream Hotel and Restaurant where we had lunch.  The Millstream interior reminds me of the 1930s with its furnishings and furniture reminiscent of a country house in old fashioned style but without the shabbiness and stygian gloom.  It is comfortable and the restaurant bright and airy.  We had a really good meal followed by coffee in the bar area which is just like a very comfortable sitting room.  We both felt very mellow when we left and although we had planned to do a little more, we had spent more time than we had thought over lunch so we came back home before I got too tired.

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