Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Witness statements

The fog was temporary last night and then the skies cleared. The doe and the fawn spent the night on our back lawn and in the morning were munching on the fallers which we haven’t cleared. This morning is cold and cloudy but there is the possibility of snow in some parts of the country.

I do hope we don’t have another serious fall of snow. So many people are reliant on their post for business and receiving the parcels for Christmas which they have bought on line. We are still missing two or three and if it snows the post grinds to a halt.

Today is the start of a busy week. I had great difficulty a couple of weeks ago arranging flu jabs for Raymond and me. Mine is still going ahead this afternoon but the surgery rang yesterday to cancel Raymond’s appointment for Wednesday so we are unsure when he will have his.

Raymond is currently working on his witness statement which is going to take some hours. Surprisingly the papers from the court are actually undated which makes his preparation difficult. I have to start mine too shortly. I am rather unsure about the wisdom of the changes they want made since I have tried to be objective and I don’t really want to introduce my personal feelings into the statement. However, we have been affected so many ways, not least emotionally that I must accept that the barrister and solicitor probably know best.

I hope that the case will not dominate the day as I have quite a few errands I want to do before the weekend. I am looking forward to having the family at home despite it being a busy few days prior to their arrival and the after-effects of the radiotherapy are, as yet, unknown. I know Jonathan will help with the cooking so I don’t have to worry about that but I do need some good ingredients.

Once this week is over I really feel I can look forward to Christmas.

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