Thursday, 9 December 2010

Conserving energy

Today, as far as the weather is concerned, has been altogether brighter. The sun is out and it is slightly more humid and less bitterly cold. I went out earlier and did some shopping but grew tired after quite a short time and came home. Thankfully most of the presents have been bought on the internet and I still order groceries in the same way too. However, there are always the little things which I need to see and touch or which would be very heavy on postage relative to cost. So it is a balancing act between postage and petrol plus parking.

Most of the parcels have arrived by now so I have been able to do the wrapping. However, there are always the odd one or two articles which take a long time and the snow has probably slowed down deliveries in some areas. As I don’t enjoy fighting my way through crowded shops, choosing presents online has been a real bonus.

A letter arrived for me from the Marsden today. Dr P regularly reports on our appointments with him to both my G.P. and Dr M with a copy to me. I always have to take a deep breath before reading it as seeing his observations in print is a lot more serious than the gentle way he talks in his consulting room. However, I noticed a little extra note to Dr M at the end asking him to urge my radiotherapy as the tardiness was concerning me. So I think both of them have been instrumental in speeding up my treatment.

Most of the cards are now written but it took me ages as my handwriting is now so laboured but it was something I could do while Ray was working on the accounts. The latter are now almost complete and Ray will take them to our accountant in the village which is pleasing. Although the solicitor really wants us to work on the personal statements over the weekend, it is too short notice as we have already planned to spend time with Jonathan and Josie.

We shall need a relaxing weekend as next week is full of medical appointments but at least things are moving.

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