Thursday, 16 December 2010

The run-up to Christmas

I had been dreading this week but the worst is now over. We went to the solicitor’s office first thing this morning and Raymond went over what he had written and added to his witness statement with the solicitor’s secretary who will type it up. It meant an early start to the day but at least one of the jobs was over by about 10.00 a.m. We went to the General Hospital and had a full-blown English breakfast – I quite surprised myself and Raymond too as it certainly wasn’t very like me.

We arrived at radiotherapy about 30 minutes early and, as I had logged in my arrival, they surprised us by seeing me even before my appointment. I am very glad that this part of the treatment is over, at least for the time being. Unfortunately, I suffer from dry mouth since the GVHD and this has worsened because of the radiotherapy. I bought a bottle of water when I had breakfast not because I was thirsty, but to moisten my mouth. I didn’t put the top on properly so everything in my bag was soaked including a paperback book which I am trying to dry off on the AGA.

What I was most worried about was my phone. On Saturday I left it in the Marks & Spencer cafĂ© when we were visiting London. I only discovered its loss because, once again, I failed to tighten up a bottle of apple juice sufficiently and it spilled into my bag, so I had to check the contents when we arrived back at Jonathan’s. We dashed back to where we were sitting but some lovely person had handed it in to Customer Services so I was very relieved.

Today the phone didn’t suffer too much from the water spillage. It was a little temperamental at first but then settled down. I have had to promise Raymond that I will let him buy the bottled drinks and screw up and unscrew the caps.

Anna is coming for a brief visit tonight as she is going to Exeter tomorrow. Raymond got the call to sort out a couple of bags which she left in the garage containing part skeletons. She is travelling down to Exeter by train and I think will raise a few eyebrows with her luggage. In the evening Jonathan is coming and I have enjoyed preparing the guest bedrooms to make them look festive.

Most of my internet purchases have arrived, thankfully, as I think many late shoppers will find their post is delayed because of the snow. We have none here but Anna says it is falling and settling in North Wales. Hopefully, we can put aside medical matters for a little while and enjoy the run-up to Christmas.

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