Friday, 10 December 2010

Preparing to relax

Ray finished the accounts and took them to the accountant. Then he started on the mountain of requests from the solicitor for information he must find and amendments to our witness statements. We had asked before we signed them some time ago, if there were any changes needed so to have all this work heaped on us just before Christmas is dispiriting. The solicitor had said we could do it over the weekend! What we need is the relaxing weekend we have planned so it will all have to wait until Tuesday.

Starsky, Anna’s rabbit, went to the vet’s today. He is always very well behaved and it seems he is improving, has put on a little weight but needs to go back in a fortnight. We have been advised he needs to eat more hay rather than the celery and carrots we had occasionally given him along with cereal. It makes sense but he tends to use the hay to make a nest.

I managed to complete a few errands this morning before tiredness set in. My mother came over in the afternoon and I was able to tell her that all the presents for friends and family have been bought and wrapped up, including presents for the carers at St Elizabeth’s. She was very pleased and said, “What would I do without you.” There is just nothing I can say. She is glad I won’t have to be doing all the cooking and organizing on Christmas Day as I think she can see I am tired even if she doesn’t know why.

Anna rang to say she had a cold and reminded me that this always happened to me at the end of term. We push ourselves on and then just when we start to relax, our guard comes down and we catch something. She is glad we are having our flu injections next week as it incorporates the swine flu element which may still be around this winter.

I continue having the GSFC injections. I think they are given to a lot of lymphoma patients. Somehow, just when you think you have experienced everything to do with your illness, they come up with something new which, however good it is for you, is invariably uncomfortable or painful.

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