Friday, 3 December 2010

Crucial appointments

The temperature is quite low today so the snow hasn’t melted yet and the garden continues to look very pretty. The birds were gathering this morning at the places where we have put out seed. The deer too have visited several times over the past few days. They are much more visible against a white background as their winter coats enable them to merge into the trees.

Although I am sure there has been some chaos on the railways, Anna managed to travel down from North Wales yesterday evening and it has been a joy to have her here as it has been a few weeks since we have seen her. This is a weekend for warming foods and I’m glad we stocked up with some good in Waitrose earlier in the week, although if I learned anything from my mother, it was the importance of a well-stocked larder – a very well-stocked larder!

As happened earlier in the year when we had much snow, the postal deliveries have ground to a halt. I know we have a Jeep which makes it much easier for us to travel around, there are not exactly too many hills to negotiate. It is a pity because having done much of our Christmas shopping on the internet, we were just beginning to receive the parcels.

I had some good news today. I have been keeping December as clear as possible to allow for radiotherapy treatment. I was beginning to dread the thought I might have to spur things on but I think there have been some actions on my behalf by Dr P at the Marsden and Dr M at Southampton. I had a telephone call today when the first appointment was made for next week when, presumably, the mask will be made. The actual treatments take place the following week. They would not normally have telephoned me direct so I have the bad weather and postal delays to thank for some direct action.

The time is just after four in the afternoon and the light is fading. I must telephone Jonathan to see if he has had any change of heart about camping in the West Country this weekend. I don’t think for a minute he would be deterred by the weather but cancelled trains might prevent him. There are just some activities which I just cannot appreciate on any level.

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