Monday, 13 December 2010

A restful weekend

We have just arrived home after our visit to the Marsden. The weather was cold and the freezing fog never lifted. However, by the time we reached Hampshire, the air was clear and the sun was shiniing but it is still cold and I understand the arctic weather could return in the next few days.

My blood counts were better today and we think this is due to the GCSF injections Raymond has been giving me. The white blood cell count was out of the danger zone, which at this time of year had been rather worrying. As usual despite the chill outside, the staff at the Marsden were warm and positive. It is so good that we are known as individuals

We were lucky this morning as we only had to travel three miles from Mitcham to Sutton for our appointment. We stayed with Jonathan and Josie for the weekend and it meant a much easier journey for us this morning. We were amazingly well fed and they had made the flat really cosy which was so good as I really feel the cold now.

We have a week full of tasks and medical appointments so it was wonderful to be away where we could not be tempted to do anything. Yesterday we went to Richmond Park. It is unbelievable to think this vast beautiful area is within London or Greater London. We saw several herds of deer with large numbers and they are quite tame as they are used to visitors. They are larger and lighter in colour than our muntjac deer. They are possibly roe and fallow herds.

For lunch we went to Pembroke House in the park, just for sandwiches and hot drinks, and the building occupies a superb location on possibly the highest point. We had a table within a large bay window and everywhere we looked up to the horizon were coppery trees.

We had some wonderful meals and that evening had pheasant with a good red wine sauce, perfect for this cold weather. We were able to relax, read, chat and watch t.v.

I don’t see any high spots in the week ahead. It is dark as I write and the fog has rolled in so I can hear the fog horns. Hopefully, by the end of the week the worst will be over and we can look forward to seeing Jonathan, Margaret Stone and my mother for a pre-Christmas celebration.

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