Monday, 6 December 2010

Testing the temperature

I’ve had two consecutive nights where I lay awake so I am hoping sleep will be less elusive tonight as I am tired. Fortunately, my appointment at the General Hospital is not too early but parking is always a problem. No wonder so many of the patients look stressed. Usually it is necessary to have someone else driving the patient as the parking queues can be horrific and it is not unusual to see people diving out of the cars to arrive in time for their appointments.

I have no idea what the mask will be like for my radiotherapy. I know it is meant to keep the neck rigid and it is probably better than being tattooed. However, I keep having visions of the Man in the Iron Mask. As I am rather claustrophobic I am trying to put these thoughts to the back of my mind.

Anna is revising an academic paper she and Karl have written ready for publication. Every so often I receive a telephone call to consider the finer points of grammar. The trouble is that you can live with something for so long that it never seems to sound right and it takes fresh listeners to assure you it is correct.

The snow has virtually all gone now. It was very cold today and I noticed that everyone was dressed very warmly. I understand the temperatures are due to rise as the week progresses but I think before the snows of last winter, many younger people just didn’t have appropriate clothes for really cold weather. This year most of the shops have been full of really bright and modern looking cold weather gear.

Jonathan enjoyed camping at the weekend! I can’t believe it but it must be true. I look forward to hearing about it. I am sure it must be all right if you have full survival kit but it isn’t something I would take pleasure in. I was just so glad that after my shopping trip earlier in the day, I had a good warm home to come back to.

Last year I remember my temperature being raised by the inefficiencies of the radiotherapy department. The way I was spoken to was incredibly rude but we all have to take it on the chin and wait, and wait and ….

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