Friday, 17 December 2010

With family and friends

I really don’t like snow before Christmas except the sort that flutters down, looks pretty but doesn’t settle. It upsets the post and everyone’s travel plans. I think a number of firms use it as an excuse for their inefficiency. I think we had a light flurry of snow over night but it didn’t stay because the temperature rose to 1 degree C. My main fear is not about snow here, as it is never that difficult, but I do want us to be able to travel to North Wales for Christmas.

Anna travelled by train to Exeter this morning. She is teaching a module at the University so was armed with parts of skeletons. Her journey down to us yesterday was very difficult as the trains were delayed. Jonathan travels down from London this evening by train and I am just off to prepare his meal.

We are having a family day tomorrow. I wasn’t sure how I would be this Christmas, and as it turns out, I am very tired. I have done a lot of the food preparation ahead of schedule but I really ran out of steam halfway through the afternoon. As it is very cold outside, Raymond had lit a fire so I sat in front of the fire doing nothing for two hours. Unheard of for me during the day.

However, all the medical appointments are finished with until 30th December. It took two weeks to get an appointment for the nurse to take my blood at the surgery. Both Dr P at the Marsden and Dr M at the General were a little concerned at the way my blood count is fluctuating. Dr M. even thought I might need a blood transfusion but I am hoping not. Of course, anaemia is one of the reasons I am tired and I find I am getting puffed out even after a small effort such as climbing the stairs. Normally I walk very quickly so I am having to slow myself down as I can’t keep it up.

I am looking forward to a good relaxing weekend with family and friends.

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