Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Injection time

I think it must have been the stag which spent the night in the garden. By midday when it was snowing lightly but steadily, the doe and her fawn came into the garden. While the doe was busy eating the vegetation, the fawn was absolutely entranced by the snow. This is his first winter so he was racing up and down with excitement at this phenomenon. It was like a child who sees snow for the first time.

As Ray’s case comes together, he is asked to provide even more documentation. This time it was the cash book for this fiscal year. We don’t like providing originals to these professionals as we have lost a few documents in the past and the Inland Revenue expect us to have a complete record for the last 6 years, so I hope they can make do with photocopies.

I am beginning to feel the growth at the back of my throat; the other swelling is on the side. Most of my tablets are in capsule form or very small. However, there are two large tablets I take twice day and on three occasions now one has become stuck in my throat which causes me some stress. This morning I had to put them in water as I can’t afford to have that happen again.

We have left this month as free from appointments as we can to allow for being called to radiotherapy. However, I am now having to make appointments for flu vaccinations etc. When I look back at this blog at the same time last year I was stressed then about getting the radiotherapy underway. Since there is a major gap at the end of the year when nothing gets done, I can see this not happening until January which is very worrying.

Ray has been outside selecting small logs for the woodburner. I am going to have to remind him in a minute that he is going to have to give me an injection. I think we are both looking forward to that!

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