Sunday, 28 November 2010

A step too far

When we learned that the lymphoma had returned, the Marsden started to reduce the immuno-supressant drugs. The logic behind this is to give the graft a chance to fight against the lymphoma. Personally I think that this is a bit late. I am on two sorts of immuno-supressant drugs and over the past month I have gradually been asked to reduce one of these. Recently I came down to zero for the Mycophenolate. I think that was a step too far.

In the past week I have had a bad rash all over the front of my torso and an uncomfortably dry mouth. Today I was very sick and have been vomiting. Unfortunately, I no longer have any anti-sickness tablets in the house but we are going to the Marsden tomorrow. It makes me remember what I was like for several weeks after I came home after the transplant; Ray would cook a lovely meal and I wouldn’t be able to eat it.

I still tend to have quite small meals which means I have to eat between meals since I become a little hungry. When an in-patient at the Marsden I was weighed every day and I have carried on doing this. I know that it is wise for me to stay just above 8 stone as if I lose weight, I lose strength.

I had the blood count sheets from my GP surgery. They are not that good and the white cell counts are low. I know that they probably would not give chemo (if that is what I had been prescribed) with those counts but I am not sure about radiotherapy. Perhaps if I go back on to a low dose of Mycophenolate, that will be sufficient to keep the worse effects of Graft versus Host Disease at bay.

Ray had to take Anna’s rabbit to the vet’s on Friday. He had a small sore on his back and the vet gave him a thorough checkover. Apparently this condition is fairly common in rabbits and he was given some ointment, had his nails clipped and he is due back in a fortnight.

Let’s hope we are all in better health soon.

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