Monday, 22 November 2010

On the spur of the moment

Naturally it is wise to plan ahead and think about the future. In my case we must change our way of thinking and act more on the spur of the moment. I leave my diary purposely blank to fill in the various medical appointments. I have to fit in with when the professionals are available and/or when changes occur to my body which need immediate attention.

When Jonathan was visiting us a fortnight ago he put forward a possible plan for the four of us to go to France. He particularly wants to get to know Carentan which he has visited twice with us and he knows how relaxing we find Normandy. However, for various reasons we couldn’t actually find out if this was a real possibility until the middle of last week.

Fortunately, the ferries were right so that Jonathan and Josie could come down from London after work to catch the overnight ferry with us and we could also catch a ferry on Sunday afternoon to enable them to return to home that night. Peter and Sarah were happy to let us have the gite so we seized the moment and went.

When we arrived early on Saturday morning Sarah had already set the table for our breakfast and there were croissants, jam and good bread. We packed a lot into the day with a visit to St Vaast where the market was on, shopping in Gosselin’s wonderful food emporium and lunch at Fuchsias. We had taken Jonathan to Fuchsias a few years ago but he was unable to have a meal there as he had eaten something earlier in the day elsewhere (mussels or oysters) which made him ill. So at long last there he was in Fuchsias ready for a lunching experience which in fact lasted two and a half hours. We took pictures of the various courses and this made me laugh as Jonathan always used to record the various meals we ate on our camping trips throughout Europe years ago.

The following day we drove down to the estuary. The weather changed and was wet and windy after a dry day on Saturday. However, it added atmosphere to the wonderful landscape. The tide was further in than I have ever seen it, so he will just have to come back again to see the estuary sands and wonderful marine life. We drove around Carentan so he could see the changes that had been made after which we had lunch followed by a leisurely drive to Ouistreham where we boarded the ferry home.

Today I went to the hospital to see the doctor in charge of radiotherapy but that, as they say, is another story.

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