Monday, 8 November 2010

Autumn winds

I have just returned from the Nuffield Hospital where I had a CT scan. The day seems to have revolved around this, partly because I could not eat or drink (except water) for three hours, and partly because Southampton seemed to be gridlocked as far as traffic was concerned because three cruise liners were in port.

My oncologist will know the results of this scan tomorrow. He and his colleagues will decide on the best course of treatment. At the moment it is difficult to make any plans because I could be having daily radiotherapy or three weekly chemotherapy.

Jonathan was here at the weekend and Josie joined him on Saturday evening. He is very keen on camping, particularly in the wild and in all weathers. Accordingly we took him to an excellent camping and outdoor pursuits shop situated locally. Then we went on for a pub lunch in Wickham at a lovely old pub. Wickam is a favourite venue for us as I used to take the children there when they were little. There are a number of specialist shops and we would always end up in a heavily beamed tea room for toasted tea cakes.

We went to a specialist butcher where Jonathan chose some meat as he had decided he would cook for us that evening. After a little look around the Square he ended up having a nostalgic toasted tea cake in that same tea room.

Yesterday we went for a walk in the woods behind our house in the morning. The trees were a picture and there was a carpet of golden leaves. The walk was made more magical as it had rained earlier and the sun made everything sparkle. In the night there were high winds so we were glad we had taken the walk when we did as the trees were much barer this morning.

Just when I feel my world is narrowing to a round of hospital appointments, something unexpected happens, perhaps a visitor, a phone call from someone I haven’t spoken to for some time or an unexpected email. The contact gives me a real lift.

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