Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Routine visit to the Marsden

Yesterday’s drive to the Marsden was initially almost problem free with the traffic being free flowing. Although we have had high winds lately which have removed the leaves from the tops of the taller trees, there were colourful displays lower down and where the trees had not suffered from the wind either because they were shorter or were thickly planted. The sun of the South coast gave way to mist hanging over the fields in North Hampshire where we could see heavy frosts. Just before the junction with the M25 we encountered problems. There had been an accident in the early morning fog but fortunately although the traffic was slow moving, the problems did not last long for us.

We were happy to meet Bob and Julia who, not living far from the Marsden, had already seen the consultant. I had a nurse new to the clinic who had two attempts at trying to extract my blood. The second nurse who took over managed to get blood from my arm as I hate having to resort to my hand because it is so painful. Dr P was happy that Dr M had reacted so quickly and concurred with the decision to use radiotherapy, although he was not surprised that I had not heard from them as I think he considers that they are not always the best part of the oncology service to patients.

From a telephone call today, I understand my file has only just gone down to the Radiotherapy Department as one of the consultants has been away and only now is someone else going to handle the backlog of patients. I have approached BUPA about the theoretical possibility of private treatment if the delays persist.

We managed to leave the hospital earlier than usual so we were home by 4.00 p.m. Raymond was tired not only from the journey but because he has been suffering from a cold on the chest so we were glad that we had a casserole already made which could be heated up in the AGA. After rain in the early evening, by bedtime this had stopped to be replaced by fog. Living near the sea I have never been annoyed at these sounds. They make me glad to be safely indoors rather than on the high seas.

Today we have done more work on Raymond’s witness statement for his motoring case. The paperwork involved in this is immense and I still don’t believe it will be resolved this year as all the deadlines imposed by the judge have not been met. On a happier note, we are seeing Jonathan and Josie this weekend which is something really to look forward to.

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